Обкладинка Методика

The Legal Methods by Reinhold Zippelius have been translated into Ukrainian (2004 and reissued in 2016) and into English in 2008. This translation was performed in order to enable US-law students to get acquainted with the “Germen” way of legal thinking. The qualification as “German” way is clearly to narrow; the correct qualification is the “continental” way. But the editors of the English translation added a comprehensive introduction where they present good arguments for this translation. These arguments are valid for each country, into whose language the legal Methods by Reinhold Zippelius are translated.

Abstracts form this introduction:

The approach of the original German-language volume is to engage an audience of civil (in this case, German) law students with the processes by which one learns the law and reasons in the law, with a special emphasis on the limits and possibilities of one’s practice of law based upon that reasoning and those learning methods. As a result, an English reader from a common law country can attain the same unique inside view as that of the civil law student. Thus, to echo the common claim of American legal education when it says that it teaches students to “think like a lawyer, „the title of Zippelius’s work in English could easily be Thinking Like a German Lawyer. We believe that this approach has advantages over works that digest continental-civil law education and summarize it in English. That approach gives one books that are secondary literature whereas the Zippelius text is primary literature. We feel that future lawyer skills require more than passing facility with other legal systems through secondary literature, and that this approach of insider comparativism is the only acceptable way of knowing the legal minds of one’s partners in business, opponents in litigation, or clients’ expectations from abroad through their primary texts. We chose this volume because of its wide in?uence in Germany.

(1) Циппеліус Р. Методика правозастосування. - Київ: ТОВ "Юстініан", 2016. - 192 с. ISBN 978-617-7039-26-5

(2) Introduction to German Legal Methods by Reinhold Zippelius Emeritus Professor University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Translated from the Tenth German Edition by Kirk W. Junker and P. Matthew Roy. Carolina Academic Press Durham, North Carolina, 2008, S. XV.