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The registered association “NGO German-Ukrainian Jurisprudential Dialogue” is:

  • liberal minded, therefore we communicate in Ukrainian, English, Russian and German;
  • European, which means that we are not focussed on Ukrainian and German law only but look also at the law of EU member states and the law of EU;
  • intercultural, because law is an element of human societies, they influence law and are influenced by law;
  • apolitical and does not support political parties and groups;
  • open for constructive cooperation.

The registered association “NGO German-Ukrainian Jurisprudential Dialogue”

  • cooperates with representatives of the legal science, legal professionals and NGOs;
  • implements an interdisciplinary approach, thus cooperates with linguists and system specialists in the sphere of translations of legal texts and with representatives of the historical science;
  • addresses current questions of legal developments but also fundamental questions of legal theory;
  • issues publications, organises seminars, conferences and similar events for exchange and discussion.

We offer these services to members:

  • priority information on planned events of the German-Ukrainian Jurisprudential dialogue and of our partners;
  • priority in selection for participation in international trainings, seminars organised by the Dialogue, including those in Ukraine and Germany;
  • courses “German legal language”;
  • free access to the library of German law in the Centre for German Law;
  • consultation on questions of studies and research in Germany (upon written request);
  • support of science internships in education and scientific institutions of Germany and Ukraine;
  • discount on translations into/from German (in collaboration with the Centre of Intercultural Professional Communication and Terminology Harmonization);
  • advising on publishing in German print media.


Volodymyrska str. 60, room 239, Kiev 01601, Ukraine
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