University of young law-learners – volunteer student project supported by NGO German-Ukrainian Jurisprudential Dialogue, which is aimed at increase of legal culture and the sense of justice among the youngest Ukrainians.

The initiative by the professor of the department of administrative law at Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv Roman Melnik was enthusiastically supported by students of the university, that became so-called «lectors» for children – the worked up program of lectures is supposed to involve kids in the course of legal sciences for the youngest Ukrainian citizens. Classes are held twice a month at The Red building of Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

Each child becomes a full member of the University of young law-learners and receives a student card, which registers his/her attendance. After a course of lectures students will be awarded the Diploma of young law-learnersEducation young law-learners at the University is free of charge.

During the course at the University of young law-learners children get the opportunity to:

  • get familiar with the legal profession;
  • learn about different areas of law;
  • increase the level of legal awareness;
  • get acquainted with basic legal categories;
  • gain knowledge on the rights and duties of man and citizen, enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine and international acts;
  • improve knowledge of traffic rules, etc.;
  • visit the museum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Nowadays the course consists of 10 thematic lectures, dedicated to 10 different branches of law:

  • Introductory lecture «Legal world and a child’s place in it»;
  • «Constitutional law – You and the Constitution»;
  • «European Union Law: it is important to us»;
  • «Family law: rules, rights and duties in your family»;
  • «Educational law: you at your school»;
  • «Information law: what, when and where we are supposed to say and who should we listen to»;
  • «Administrative law: the rules and reality of an adult life»;
  • «Civil law: we demand quality and safety of goods and services»;
  • «Labor law: the world of legal professions»;
  • «Criminal law: how not to become a victim of crime».