2.1. Organization is established to promote better understanding between scientists and practitioners of Ukraine and Germany in the sphere of jurisprudence and linguistics to carry out cultural, educational and scientific activity, implement rule of law, promote legal education using unified scientific space, through full promotion of academic, scientific and professional contacts and exchanges, in the name of development of science and education, satisfaction and protection of common interests of its members.

2.2. The tasks of the Organization determine its future activity and include as follows:

2.2.1. Educational and scientific activity to promote sharing and implementation of positive international experience of education and science, achieved by academic exchanges and contacts.

2.2.2. Enhancing development and consolidation of international academic contacts between scientists, free exchange of open scientific information and experience, sharing of information on Ukrainian-German scientific cooperation, including academic exchanges.


2.2.3. Sharing of information on scientific and educational legacy.

2.2.4. Organization of scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses, workshops, surveys and other scientific and educational events, founding and awarding young scientists.

2.2.5. Enhancing preservation and consolidation of scientific and personal contacts between lawyers, philologists, translators, scientists and practitioners, including those ones, who have left Ukraine for permanent job and residence abroad.

2.2.6. Representing, protecting and implementing common interests of Organization’s members at the state authorities and institutions, and also in relationships with other non-governmental and state organizations, educational and scientific institutions, including foreign ones.

2.2.7. Sending Organization’s members to meetings, symposiums, conferences and other scientific and educational events both in Ukraine and abroad.

2.2.8. Carrying out different forms of partnership with scientific and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, scientific societies, unions, funds and charity organizations in Ukraine and abroad to support and implement programs, projects and events, according to the Organization’s goals.

2.2.9. Encouraging students studying law and young lawyers to act for the benefit of society on the basis of fairness and rule of law.

2.3. Future activity of Organization shall include as follows:

2.3.1. Organization of theoretical, and scientific-practical conferences, debates, round tables, and other events.

2.3.2. Contribution to the development of modern legislation, its support and information-analytical materials.

2.3.3. Participation in preparation and dissemination of analytical scientific information materials and expert opinions.

2.3.4. Organization and ensuring of meetings with distinguished scientists, political leaders, artists, and famous entrepreneurs.

2.3.5. Participation in preparation and public sharing of educational materials.

2.3.6. Maintaining international relations, entering into international agreements, participation in events that comply with international obligations of Ukraine and existing laws, founding and entering into international non-governmental organizations.

2.3.7. Participation in public scientific discussion through speeches in mass media and with other means that comply with the laws of Ukraine.

2.3.8. Drafting and implementation of target programs and projects of Organization.

2.3.9. Promoting scientific activity of Organization’s members, which, among other measures, includes promotions of scientific publications in Ukrainian and in foreign languages, legal research (on the voluntary basis).

2.3.10. Promoting implementation of joint non-commercial projects in cooperation with law firms, Ukrainian and other organizations, educational institutions.

2.3.11. Accumulating funds to finance the Organization’s main activity.

2.3.12. Ideological, organizational and material support of other non-governmental organizations and institutions.

2.4. The abovementioned list of Organization’s directions of future activity of the Organization is not exhaustive.