The current Ukrainian constitution has been in force for more than 20 years. Looking at this period, one can observe a process of "constitutionalization" in Ukraine. The number of decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is increasing and the amount of the decisions is today also considerably larger than it was 15 years ago. Also, the constitution has a much greater attention in the law literature.

Nevertheless, it is complained that the constitution is not yet sufficiently rooted in the thinking of lawyers and politicians. People have been debating problems for a long time and can not come up with a solution; a typical example are the social rights in the Ukrainian constitution.

That is why the members of the Jurisprudential Dialogue and the professors of the National Taras Shevchenko University of  Kyiv participated in the tender with the project "Development of a systematic doctrine of basic human rights in order to realize European legal values in Ukraine in the context of building civil society".

This project will start in 2019 and the participants of the project will deal with constitutional law issues that concern its foundations. For a thorough analysis of the known shortcomings of the doctrine of Ukrainian constitutional law has shown that the crucial deficit exists precisely in these fundamental questions: without the multiplication table I can do neither higher mathematics nor realize a constitutional culture without a general doctrine of fundamental rights making a constitution a lived reality in the state authorities and society.

The project will take about 3 years and involve Ukrainian and European lawyers.